Passionately connected to nature in every aspect, Ali immerses herself in the outdoors whenever possible. Whether it’s hiking, going to the beach, gardening, or simply enjoying a cup of tea, she finds solace in the natural world. This affinity for nature drives her desire to create a similar connection between her clients and their gardens through her designs.

Having worked in horticulture in the past, Ali possesses a comprehensive understanding of how gardens evolve and flourish under unique circumstances. One of her favourite aspects of the design process is actively listening to her clients’ desires and visions for their spaces and translating them into tangible designs.

Ali is well-equipped to guide you through the design journey, ensuring key milestones are met and transforming your project vision into a reality. Her extensive experience spans a diverse range of landscape design projects, encompassing everything from intimate inner-city courtyards to rural estates, crafting comprehensive garden renovation master plans and producing detailed documentation for new home builds.

ali landscape designer sydney

“Ali had beautiful and imaginative ideas for our spaces and her plant selection is just gorgeous.”

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