We’ve designed your garden to be low maintenance but, if you want it to be no maintenance, get The Urban Garden Co to take care of everything.

Over time your new garden will continue to grow and change and it will require periodic love and care to keep it looking its best. Allowing our team to care for your garden will ensure it stays looking as the design intended, and maintenance won’t take up your spare time leaving you to simply relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

Our team are led by a qualified Horticulturist, and they are briefed on the intention of your design. We will keep up with those jobs like weeding, scheduled fertilising, pest management and pruning that will keep your plants healthy. We also monitor your irrigation system, making any seasonal adjustments when required and give the garden a general tidy up each visit. As part of our regular maintenance service, your landscape designer will visit your garden twice a year.

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"Ali was able to suggest solutions that we would not have considered and found solutions to the difficult areas of the garden"

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