plant profile pennisetum nafray
plant info pennisetum nafray from The Urban Garden Co Landscape Designers

Plant Profile – Pennisetum Alopecuroides ‘Nafray’

Also known as Swamp Foxtail Grass, this native clumping perennial is gorgeous year round. With fine bright green arching leaves it has good winter colour and delicate, cream to purple coloured, feathery seed heads from Summer through Autumn. Looks great mass planted, will help control erosion on steep slopes or can be used as an accent amongst other planting. Grows in full sun and up to 50% shade, tolerates coastal positions and most soil types, also tolerant of pollution if near a roadside. Size 60-70cm H x 50-80cm wide. Nafray is non invasive, don’t get confused between this native Pennisetum and the invasive variety from Africa (Pennisetum seatceum).

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